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Ignite Your Passion & Transcend the Ordinary

All of the material success we achieve means nothing if we aren’t happy and healthy enough to enjoy it. Even the most accomplished professionals may need guidance to overcome emotional and psychological challenges that weigh them down. Letting go of old patterns of behaviour and negative thinking can gift you freedom to find deep satisfaction in the details of daily life, and to create meaningful and energized relationships.

My Living Wellness Model™ will help to transform you! I incorporate all aspects of the Living Wellness Model™ in my Personal Wellness Coaching. I employ a personality-profiling tool called the Enneagram, which provides incredible insight into the way individuals react to different challenges and opportunities. When you start from a place of self-awareness, there are no limits.

Most individuals never come close to achieving their potential. My Personal Wellness Coaching will provide you with tools that ignite your passion and transcend the ordinary, elevating your performance, your quality of life and your level of day-to-day happiness.  The best news is that this new level of thriving will become your norm!

Get Started!

Don’t wait for change to happen. Choose to create a revolution.

I’m all about relationships and the first step to getting started with Corporate Success Coaching is dialogue.

I invite you to call me at 780-554-3350 or send a message via the “Message Pat” form.

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