//Short-Term Vs. Sustainable Success

Short-Term Vs. Sustainable Success

Success is unique to each of us. Do you know your definition of success? Does it embrace your reality, your values and all aspects of your life? We must assure that it is our personal definition of success that we are striving to achieve.

Success does not just happen. In reality, sustainable success seldom just happens. If we are lucky enough to have a taste of success, it takes solid planning on all levels to sustain it.

Real success involves capitalizing on our strengths, respecting our values and defining our goals. Often success is defined from a business or monetary perspective.  We need to be sure that we see the whole picture and not just one aspect of our life. It is imperative that we have a grounded, realistic view of all our roles and know how to achieve balance.  Without balance, we may thrive in one area and barely survive or actually destroy other areas. Real success is a seamless continuum between our work and personal lives, which empowers us to thrive and not just survive.

To be successful and to sustain success you need to:

  • Know your definition of success as it pertains to all areas of your life
  • Know how success embraces your values
  • Know how to maximize your strengths in all areas of your life
  • Know and own your weaknesses
  • Know how to evaluate your success using your personal definition
  • Know how to sustain success to achieve true balance

The Living Wellness™ Model empowers you with tools to achieve and sustain real success in all areas of your life.

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