Pat Casey Jurgens

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Greetings & Welcome

I’m Pat, the proud owner of Casey’s Wellness and founder of the Living Wellness Model™.

I’m celebrating over 25 years of helping clients excel with my Corporate Success Programs, Personal Wellness Coaching, and Speaking & Seminars.

I empower positive change through my Living Wellness Model™ and believe that desired outcomes can become your reality!

My Career Journey

I have owned and operated Casey’s Wellness for over 25 years. I’m a dynamic motivational speaker, educator and Living Wellness Model™ guru. I am also trained in the Enneagram – one of the most powerful and insightful tools for understanding ourselves and others.  The Enneagram provides a foundation of knowledge that facilitates the internalization of the Living Wellness Model™.

I have a Master’s degree in Nursing and my work experience in this field is diverse, ranging from direct patient care to corporate administration. As a nurse I saw a huge need for a more holistic approach to our healthcare system – hence Casey’s Wellness was born.

Though Casey’s Wellness started as a private healthcare company that focused on changing how people were cared for and mental health intervention, it quickly and naturally evolved to offer education sessions, motivational speaking and wellness coaching for both corporations and individuals.

What Inspires Me

I have a great love and passion for many things – time with my family and friends, plants, gardening, caring for animals and pets, nature, hiking, classical music, playing the piano, vegetarian cooking and entertaining.

“I can cook vegetarian meals that make meat lovers come back for seconds!”

I am inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s natural and organic approach to architecture, which is why I designed my office with large windows that invite the trees inside.

What Motivates Me

Breaking “the mould” and making things happen. I have an action-oriented and hands-on approach. I welcome challenges and thrive on positive outcomes.

My Living Wellness Model™ is all about transcending the ordinary.  I believe most us never thrive on our highest plateau, instead we often settle for second best and accept surviving as a norm.  I created the Living Wellness Model™ to provide a process to inspire individuals and corporations to reach their highest plateau.

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