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Empowering The Kind Of Change That People Crave

Public speaking is both an art and science. I think great speakers provide powerful, life-changing insights that stick with individuals, ensuring that their message doesn’t fade away with the evening news.

I incorporate aspects of my trademarked Living Wellness Model™ when I speak, and know how to capture an audience, earn their trust, relieve their tension with laughter and inspire the self-reflection that leads to personal growth.

When speaking to corporations or organizations, I connect with the person in charge to assure that I understand their needs and that my message and style allow me to not only meet those needs but to empower their values, goals and objectives in a professional and entertaining manner.  Every presentation is customized to your needs and to the unique audience. Speaking directly at the heart, I try my best to connect and captivate an audience to create a remarkable and memorable learning experience.

Over a long career as a registered nurse, an educator, a mental health therapist and a corporate coach, I have polished my speaking skills to empower the kind of change people crave. I have authored motivational tapes and delivered keynote addresses, education sessions and retreats to many professional, business and non-profit groups.

“When you book Pat for your special event, meeting or conference, you get more than a speech in a can. She is not an ordinary motivational speaker – she laces her sessions with humour and anecdotes, contemplating real life with compassion, yet brutal honesty and she is always inspiring, entertaining and insightful. Pat is able to touch your heart, tickle your funny bone and help you transcend the ordinary.  You will not forget her message.” – Anonymous Client

A small sample of popular seminars that I offer include:

  • The 4 C’s of the Personal Living Wellness Model™
  • The 4 C’s of the Corporate Living Wellness Model™
  • “How To Thrive, Not Just Survive Your Life”
  • “Balancing Your Act”
  • “Why Don’t More People Think Like Me (Learning Your Personality & The Rest of The Worlds)”
  • “Learning How To Play Your Personality Like A Well-Tuned Violin”
  • “Learn To Celebrate Your Strengths & Minimize Your Weaknesses In Life”
  • Are You Really Happy With Your Life or Are You Just Rutted?
  • Why Do I Live for Friday and Dread Monday?

Get Started!

Don’t wait for change to happen. Choose to create a revolution.

I’m all about relationships and the first step to getting started with Corporate Success Coaching is dialogue.

I invite you to call me at 780-554-3350 or send a message via the “Message Pat” form.

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